Finding success with her EP Etched released in late 2015, ‘Fall Away’ marks a change in musical direction for Kerri and will surely surprise her devoted fans. Groovevolt got the chance to catch up with her in Los Angeles and ask her a few questions about her new style.

GV: What inspired your new track, fall away?

KM: What inspired the track was mainly the concept of ‘summer’ and being able to paint a picture of summer love and the ocean. I also wanted to touch on the truth behind experiencing summer love and how it can be a rush of new feelings all at once.

GV: What do you hope your fans will take away from your new single? 

KM: I hope ‘Fall Away’ touches everyone in a way in which they can picture what this song means to them individually. I hope my song is relatable and that my fans will relive certain memories from their past and even apply it to what they are experiencing in the present.

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