It’s hard to believe that Kerri Medders is only sixteen years old. This talented singer-songwriter is paving her own way. And, displaying artistry far beyond her years. Her hit single, “Fall Away”, will bring you back to the good ol’ days of summer. And, who doesn’t want that? Pop-Culturalist was lucky enough to chat with this rising superstar about her career, touring, and her musical inspirations.

“Fall Away” Questions

P-C: Tell us about the new single “Fall Away”! What was the inspiration behind the song?
Kerri: The song was inspired by the idea of summer and the memories it comes with. I actually wrote it in the beginning of summer, but didn’t release it until the end because I wanted it to be a jam to remember summer with.

P-C: What was the songwriting process like?
Kerri: It’s always really fun. I write with my producers, Luke Walton & Brandon Woodward, who also double as my band members. They’re great! We all collaborate our ideas together and mesh so well.

P-C: What do you hope fans take away from listening to it?
Kerri: I hope this song leaves them reminiscing on all of the unforgettable experiences they had over the summer, leaving them craving more.

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