Spy News Magazine: With projects such as music and acting, how do you remain a normal girl?

Kerri Medders: Definitely staying close with my friends and being on social media. I’m such a social media person. I’ll spend hours in the evening saying, “Oh, I want to recreate this photo!” Just staying connected in my world.

Spy News Magazine: Between singing and acting,  which would you say allows you to be more creative?

Kerri Medders: Music. I get to incorporate and create my own ideas and stories, versus acting that is usually already planned out for you where you have to transform yourself to fit the character.

Spy News Magazine: You’re somebody else?

Kerri Medders: Right, exactly. With music, I can be 100% me and talk about things I want to talk about without anyone being like “Oh you can’t say that!” (Laughs)

Spy News Magazine: Your music video “Run Love” was beautifully executed, did you come up with the concept for it?

Kerri Medders: Actually the director I was working with pitched me the idea. He was like, “Why don’t we have something that’s Tarzan and Jane-esque?” It was cool because at the time we were filming we found out that the new Tarzan movie was going to be released around the same time. It turned out being so well planned!

Spy News Magazine: Did you take part in the behind the scenes once the concept was created?

 Kerri Medders: Yeah, it was all of our ideas put into one. Teamwork!

Spy News Magazine: Cody Saintgnue was your leading man in “Run Love”. Did you watch him on Teen Wolf prior to having him in your video?

Kerri Medders: I had seen a few YouTube videos of him and once he got the role, I did a lot of research. Haha.

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