What’s the first thing you think of when you think about the 80s? There’s no outlandish answer to this question because the 80s were without a doubt an interesting, tricky, exhausting and trying, but also exciting and influential time. On the positive side of things, the 80s brought forth a variety of different kinds of television and what it meant to be a television show. The 80s also brought forth almost every classic, angsty teen movie that has in one way or another either influenced your personality or related to you so much it felt like a page from your diary/journal. The 80s also deserves credit for the amazing music (which honestly deserves more appreciation than it gets) that it’s given us. The 80s gave us MTV and the voices of artists such as Michael Jackson, The Beastie Boys, Madonna, and Whitney Houston skyrocketed. And these are just a few things that made up the era.

Kerri Medders sophomore EP, Lot 17 out today is a 4-track locker of nostalgia giving the world a view into Kerri’s mental and emotional insight of her experiences at the age of 17. Another chapter of Kerri’s musical journey, earlier this year in our interview, when I asked her about her sound, she said, “Every time I release now music, I want to be different than what I’ve done already. I want it to stand on its own both lyrically and musically.” Exploring different concepts ranging from relationships to finding yourself, Kerri transports you to her 80s-esque world with her ethereal sound.

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