TigerBeat: How did you come up with the title, ‘Lot 17?’
Kerri Medders: The inspiration actually came to be when I was staring at a parking lot; the idea of storage lockers and how people hold their things from the past within them. I had already recorded all four songs, and was trying to think of how I could string them together. Then I thought of how cool it is that things from my past, my ideas and memories from this point in my life — my 17th year — could be locked away in a storage locker on ‘Lot 17’.

TigerBeat: How is this EP different than your last, ‘Etched?’
Kerri Medders: After working with producers Brandon Woodward and Luke Francis, my musical tastes have expanded, and my sound has evolved as well. ‘Lot 17’ is like nothing I’ve ever done before, and the sound is new for me.

TigerBeat: What’s your secret to a great recording session?
Kerri Medders: To get a great session, I like to over exaggerate my facial expressions and act out everything within my lyrics. I like to feel the music and let the beat consume me when I’m singing.

TigerBeat: What was the songwriting process like?
Kerri Medders: Everything I write is based off of my own experiences and emotions toward a given subject. My co-writers and I typically create the melody and the lyrics before we piece the actual track together. For the song, “Slipping,” it was actually opposite. We came up with the track first and then wrote the lyrics around it. It was interesting to try it this way and I’m really happy with the result.

TigerBeat: Describe ‘Lot 17’ in 3 words.
Kerri Medders: 80’s. Vulnerable. Expressive.

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