I started in this industry when I was seven years old. I didn’t realize what a long journey it would be. I was a young girl singing Gwen Stefani in my karaoke machine and putting on concerts for my “imaginary fans.” I didn’t think that that was probably every other girl’s dream as well. My parents actually gave me the chance to travel out to LA when I was 10.

Funny story, I actually came out for acting and not for music. I was only supposed to be out for a month and I have been in the city for around 6 years now. Whenever acting was slow I turned to music and it had grown into so much more then just a ‘turn too.’ The place I used to live in every Tuesday night had karaoke so I would sing and get geared up for that. I was 10 and had no fear. None. I would belt the loudest notes so the neighbors could hear next door. I would perform Aretha Franklin for people walking on the street. I was full of confidence.

Then this super confident girl full of huge dreams who thought she would make it got into an ‘adult world’. As I got older that super fearless girl started getting nervous every time I walked into a room. Fast forward a couple of years to 2016, I have been out in LA for six years now and in my lifetime I have heard so many no’s by people that it could hold me over a lifetime. I have had people tell me that “I am not ready for this business.” “I am mediocre.” “You should do this and stop doing that.”

Growing up so young in this business can definitely toughen someone up or make someone give up. Let me not sugar coat it for you but you either have to grow up in this world or be sucked into this system that’s like a washing machine just spinning you round and round until you’re like ‘”STOP!” I for one, did not fall into the ‘washing machine’ and I am one tough girl when it comes to following my dreams until my dreams come true.

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